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The South West Regional Cytology Training Centre was opened in 1990 and is situated within the grounds of Southmead Hospital, Bristol, within the Department of Cellular Pathology, which houses one of the largest cytology laboratories in the United Kingdom.

The Centre is approved for basic gynaecological training by the British Association for Cytopathology (BAC) and the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) and is one of the first centres to be recognised by the European Community Training Project as (ECTP) for training within Europe. It is also NHSCSP approved.

The Centre is equipped with the latest teaching aids and a multiheaded microscope for group discussion. High quality microscopes are available for the use of all course participants.

The Centre offers purpose-built facilities which include a dedicated microscopy room and seminar room.

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Cervical Sample Takers

The South West Regional Cytology Training Centre has been providing high quality cervical sample taker training since 1999. We have been approved as a quality training provider for cervical cytology by NHS England (South West).

We provide initial training which fulfils local and national requirements for cervical sample taker training.

We also offer a half day Condensed Core Foundation Course for Trainee GPs without formal cervical sample taker training, which covers the important aspects of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme.


HPV Primary Screening Information


Do you have a valid cervical sample taker code?

If the answer is no please submit your details to the sample taker register before taking a cervical screening sample.

*Please note that as from 1st September 2017 all cervical cytology samples received in the laboratory without a locally allocated sample taker code will be rejected. This means that the results for these samples will be reported as unsatisfactory and the women will need to  be re invited in 3 months time.*


Cervical Sample Taker Register
All nurses and doctors who take cervical screening samples and send them to the Southmead or Musgrove Park Cytology Laboratories should submit their details to the Sample Taker Register to obtain a valid sample taker code. This includes trainees and locums.