Sample Taker Register

Who should submit their details for the register?
All nurses and doctors who take cervical screening samples and send them to the Hospitals in the South West should submit their details. This includes trainees and locums.

How do I submit details for the register?
If you are taking cervical screening samples please go to an NHS computer and submit your details to the register.  It should only take 5 minutes and you will need the following details to hand:

  • Your work address, phone number and email
  • Your General Medical Council (GMC) or Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) number
  • Dates (month and year) of sample taker training that you have done

Once you have completed the form you will see the 'thank you for completing this form' screen.  This means that your details have been successfully submitted.  They will then be entered on to the register and we will send your unique code number to the email address you have provided.

When should I start using my code number?
As soon as you receive your code please make a note of it and start using it.

Never allow anyone to use your code when submitting samples. All nurses and doctors should have their own unique sample taker code.

What is the role of the register?
The register allows the Laboratory to monitor the quality of samples being taken, provide individual level feedback and allows more tailored training opportunities to be designed.

What if I forget my code in the future?
If you forget your code, please email . You may be asked to submit a new form using the link above if there is a change to several of your details.