HPV Primary Screening Information

From the 11th September 2017 all cervical screening samples sent to the Southmead laboratory will be screened for high risk (HR) human papilloma virus (HPV) as the first test. Cytology will become the triage test, only used when HR-HPV is found. Sample takers will need to be able to explain the HPV primary screening to women in order to gain informed consent for the test and prepare them for potential results that they may receive.

HPV primary screening information and resource packs have been sent out to all GP practices and sample takers in the area and contained the following information:

NHSCSP HPV Primary Screening Presentation

NHSCSP Primary HPV Screening Information for Sample Takers

NHSCSP Primary HPV Testing Information Leaflet for Women

Handout at Time of Test

Primary HPV Screening Invitation Letter